Attend Registration Night

It’s BAND time! Welcome to our band family!

Are you an 6th grader trying to decide which path you’ll take in high school? Are you an 6th grader parent that wants your child to have a place of belonging and success on the GHS campus?

Are you currently a GHS student who loves band and can’t wait to continue creating history for our amazing program?

There’s no better place to be apart of a family, to create awesome success, and maintain high academic and music standards on campus. . .

Please review this checklist of all steps to take to become active in the band:

Step 1: Attend our Registration Night

Step 2: Review the calendar, sign the summer/fall notice agreement

Step 3: Read the Handbook

Step 4: Complete Forms and Return them

Step 5: Purchase your required items

Step 6: Join the BAND app for parent/student communication.

Lastely, mark your calendars for summer band practices and review the summer band camp checklist below. This can also can be found in your handbook.

Okay, Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Attend Registration Night

All Girard High School Band students (new and returning) will need to attend High School Band Registration Night with their parents.

Location: High School Band Room
Time: 6:00PM to 8:30PM
Date: May 8th, 2024

On this night, you will receive everything you will need for the band season.

Items Include:

  • Calendar Information and Handbook
  • Required Medical Form
  • Media Consent Form
  • Online Form Registration Guide
  • What to Purchase and Where
  • Join the BAND app
  • Meet the Boosters and get contact information
  • Fit for uniforms
  • and more!

For brand new students, registration can take about 30 mins. To save time, you can have a lot of things pre-registered by already overviewing the information below.

Pro Tip:

The online forms is what takes the most time, you can go to step 5 today and already fill out the online band forms before you come to registration and that will speed up your registration big time.

It’s important that parents come with their child to this event. If you have a schedule conflict, you can CONTACT THE DIRECTORS and we can help you out with an alternative scheduling solution.

Step 2: View the Calendar Online

The calendar can be located on the website by click on Events in the main menu.

It is very important to view this calendar and review all events for the marching band before you agree to sign up for band to ensure there will be no scheduling conflict.

The band directors try very hard to plan ahead and have a solid plan for our rehearsals, contest, and big events. However, in case of weather and event planning, we are sometimes needing to make changes. We are asking our band students and parents to constantly be linked to our BAND app calendar so that you always know what our students are doing and where they are required to be.

You will be given access to the BAND app shortly in step 7 after you complete the online forms. Until then you can review the online calendar by clicking here.

Step 3: Download and read the Handbook

Click Here for the Handbook

Our handbook outlines the guidelines of the Marching Band Program. It is required for all band students and parents to read the handbook thoroughly as it contains many aspects of our program that are important to students success.

If you are new to the program, the bandbook is essential wealth of information as to the operations of the band program and includes information containing transporotion, eligibility, and much more. If you are a returning member, it is always best to revisit the information provided as it can change over the years.

You will sign the handbook and return this acknowledgement paper back to the band director once completed. Please sure to have the handbook information readily available throughout the school year if you have questions on the operations of the band program.

Step 4: Obtain Your Medical and Media Forms

If the back of your handbook you will find the Medical and Media Consent Form. In order to participate in Marching Band these forms must be completed and then returned to the band director.

Click Here to Print Them Out

Step 5: Fill out the Band Registration Form

Now it’s time to fill out some required documentation we need for your participation!

This form is available online and helps collect all the required information needed. You will be filling out student information, Media release, medical release, and more. This form is required to be submitted and signed for student band participation. This also will add you to our booster email list so you have access to our monthly booster meeting minutes.

Click Here to Complete the form.

Step 6: Purchase Required Items

All band students are required to purchase:

  • Fair Share Fee (helps cover band camp cost, drycleaning, security and much more.
  • Required Band Supplies (show shirt, collared shirt, socks, shoes, etc.

It’s now easier than ever for you to make your payment for Girard HS Band gear and fees. You can write a check to Giard Music and Drama Boosters and we take care of the rest for you. You will want to give the check directly to our Treasure Nancy Bottom.

If you still have your supplies from last year – shoes, and other items you will not need to order them again and they can be reused for the new season.

To see all the items and supplies we require or use click here to view a list of them.

We will NEVER turn a band student away becuase of finanical reasons. If you need assistance of any kinds, please CONTACT US HERE.

If you have any questions regarding the payments, please contact our Band Boosters Treasurer or contact her at

Step 7: Join the BAND APP!

The BAND app will be a major source of communication that we will utilize throughout the year for directors to send out information to students and parents. The BAND app works a lot like a modern social media app like (facebook) in which directors, students, parents and boosters can interact together.

BAND App Instructions.


The BAND app will be utilized for quick communication if we are out on a trip together or at a competition and we need quick access to our students and to share information regarding our schedules and more.

Final Reminders and Tips

Before we end here, don’t forget to stop at all these tables at Registration Night:

  • Uniform Fitting
  • Meet the Band Boosters
  • Meet the Staff & Get Handbook and Forms

If you missed registration night, make sure to contact our booster vice president so that we can get you fitted for a uniform and also make sure you get the handbook and all information paperwork.

Don’t forgot about Band Camp

August 13 – 18 at Camp Notre Dame! More details will be provided soon.