Jacket Policy

Jackets will be presented to all band and auxiliary members according to the following requirements:

  1. Parents or guardians of the band members and auxiliary members must be a member in good standing of the Girard Music Boosters while their son(s) or daughter(s) is/are in the performing arts programs. (amended May 2019)
  2. All students expecting to be eligible for a jacket will be required to devote an acceptable amount of their time each year towards fundraising activities sponsored by the Girard Music Boosters. (Each Student needs 20 service hours per year or to sell 2 tickets to the reverse raffle for 3 years)
  3. Longevity requirements:
    1. To be eligible to be measured for a jacket, a student must be in the marching band/or performing arts program for a minimum of one year. 
    2. Students may elect to receive a jacket according to the following scale: 
      No of Years       Students Share of Expense       Music Booster Share
      1 Full Year          ⅔                                                      ⅓  
      2 Full Years       ⅓                                                      ⅔ 
      3 Full Years       0                                                       Full Amount
    3. Transfer students will be given credit for a maximum of one year in previous schools in order to comply with the requirements as stated. 
    4. Students who join the band the fall of their senior year will be eligible to purchase a jacket after August Marching Band Camp for the full purchase price. 
  4. Students electing to receive a jacket will be measured following band camp and jackets will be given upon arrival. 
  5. Students who are to pay a certain percentage will have to pay the specified amount the day that they are measured for their jackets. (Receipt will be given for payment)
  6. Anything extra that the students wish on their jackets will be paid for by them.