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We are pleased to announce the creation of the Alumni Experience Committee which is comprised of Yellow Jacket alumni, including a few Board Members. This group is dedicated to alumni relations and activities and is supported and sanctioned by the Girard Music and Drama Boosters. The committee will serve as the liaison between the current Yellow Jackets and the ever-growing Alumni base with the goal of providing better communication, improving transparency, and coordinating events with the current members to provide our alumni with several Yellow Jacket Alumni Experiences throughout the years.

Yellow Jackets Alumni Email Address

We have created an alumni e-mail address, where you can send all alumni-related communications. E-mails go directly to the Alumni Experience Committee and will be monitored and answered weekly.

Committee Members

To Be Announced

Alumni Experience Committee Responsibilities

  • Manage all alumni communication
  • Help to create social events
  • Facilitate pre-and post-show tailgates and gatherings
  • Organize fundraisers
  • Manage the Yellow Jacket Hall of Fame
  • Gather photos and videos from alumni of all years and display online in a historical gallery

Upcoming Events

Alumni Meet-Up (Friday, August 11, 2024)

Create an Alumni Experience Event

As part of our new Alumni Experience initiative, we want to encourage and support Yellow Jacket Alumni gatherings. If you would like to help us host and event, or have an idea for an event or fundraiser, please let us know. Events can include pre-or post=show reunions, tailgate parties, holiday-related gathers, and much more! Help us be creative and celebrate our rich history together.

To suggest an event, please e-mail the details to, and a member of the Alumni Experience Committee will work with you to create a web page that can be used to advertise your event through all of our media channels.

Once an advertisement page is created, it will be forwarded to the Girard Music and Drama Boosters administration for final content approval to ensure there are no date conflicts.

Once and event has been approved, it will be displayed on all our media channels:

  • The Events Calendar
  • The Alumni Facebook Group
  • All Music & Drama Boosters Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • E-mail newsletters

Join Us as a Volunteer

Membership to the Girard Music and Drama Boosters is open to any parent of children in the Girard School District, current or past resident, property owner, business owner, employee of the city of Girard or any person that supports our purpose statement. There are no annual dues required of members.

To Become a Volunteer Please Complete the Form (Click Here).

Join the Girard High School Marching Band Alumni Facebook Group

There is a public group on Facebook that you can join. It’s a group dedicated to the alimin of Guard High School Marching Band.