Student Accounts

All marching band and drama student are assigned a student account. Students earn more from all fundraising campaigns. They’re allowed to use the money in their account to purchase musical supplies, trip payments, registrations fees, and more. Money earned and payments during the years are tracked.

Student accounts balances are maintained by the Booster Treasurer. If you need to check your balance or see if you owe money, please contact our Treasurer at

What Should You Know?

  1. The money earned is fundraising is not personal money but, Boosters money. Whatever money a student does not use by graduation goes back into the boosters main account.
  2. If a student is not in band for a full year their money goes back into the boosters account.
  3. A student may only transfer funds to a brother or sister that is in band concurrently with them (with the one exception that a s student gradues and their brother/sister joins the program the very next school year.)
  4. Money in booster accounts may be used towards a brand trip, band camp, summer music trips, musical supplies, and lessons. The use of the band account money must be approved by the director and must be band related.